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Guide to Hardwoods and Carpet Flooring in Portland

One way to update décor in Portland without going overboard is to simply change the flooring. While its upfront cost is greater than simpler projects like adding a bright-colored throw or swapping out a piece of furniture, it is cost-effective in the long run. Any change in flooring can instantly update any room.

A couple, amongst many, options exist towards upgrading flooring, namely carpets and hardwoods. Both are beautiful and each have their benefits. Hardwoods and carpets are wise choices for residents in Portland.

Hardwoods are a wonderful way to update the home and are easy to care for. Hardwood flooring can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but if it does suffer scratches or minor dents, it can be sanded out. Coats of polyurethane and other substances can be used to coat the flooring to prevent further scratches and other markings. This too is easy to achieve.

Hardwood floors are far easier to clean than most carpets and for those with allergies, hardwoods drastically cut down on the amount of allergens in the home. Further, it is largely nonporous which is good for keeping the home sanitized. However, in winter months, it can be very cold and will cause the home to be colder as well. Plus, it is not well-suited for children that are young or accident prone. Hardwoods offer as many possibilities as desired. There are several looks for individual tastes. For instance, one can choose from different colors, different hardness and durability. Depending upon decor and individual needs, there is a wood to fit this need.

Carpets, conversely, are gentle to the touch, help to keep the home insulated and are more pleasant to walk on. However, as stated previously, carpets harbor more germs, allergens, dust and dust mites. Carpets can also stain easily. A stain guard is a wise investment when purchasing carpet to protect the individual fibers from stains. In addition, any cleaning that is done will likely strip the carpet of its protective barrier that comes with most carpets. This barrier responds like a stain guard of sorts, but is not fool proof.

Proper care of carpet and hardwoods are essential. For one thing, for carpet to keep its integrity, it must be cleaned regularly. Macadam Floor and Design, located in Portland, takes all the guess work out of keeping carpets beautiful. For instance, their expertise in carpet maintenance stands to address each carpet in a different manner—different styles of carpets have different fibers and these fibers must be cleaned in a different manner from one another. Cleaning products suggest that all carpets are the same and application of these products can actually harm the carpet fibers. However, a Portland Macadam Floor and Design Representative can provide essential carpet cleaning material to ensure vital carpet maintenance.

Whether carpet or hardwood flooring is chosen for a home, Macadam Floor and Design of Portland are there to assist in any endeavor. Their integrity, guidance, skill and knowledge are what's needed for any flooring decision.